DJ Maphorisa Exposes Mlindo Da Vocalist

Maphorisa says Mlindo backstabbed him

By  | Jan 31, 2022, 07:26 AM  | DJ Maphorisa  | Drama

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Some say the worst form of betrayal does not come from your enemies and DJ Maphorisa can attest to that. The Blaqboy music label owner, opened up about how Mlindo Da Vocalist back stabbed him, even though he was the one person who helped him kickstart his career in Johannesburg.

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Taking to Facebook to vent out his frustrations on this matter, DJ Maphorisa exposed Mlindo Da Vocalist, for allegedly working with a man called Nyiko The Great in conspiring against him. Despite having helped him when he arrived in Johannesburg not knowing anybody, he still claims to have been betrayed by Mlindo.

"It’s so crazy how people will backstab you," started off Maphorisa.

Nyiko was hired by Maphorisa to be Mlindo's road manager, and then became his business partner. Before he knew it, Nyiko and Mlindo agreed to promote him to manager. But that does not end there, he alleges that they both agreed to cut him out of his percentage that was agreed upon.

"...I had to get him (Mlindo Da Vocalist) a road manager, cool I asked Nyiko to help Mlindo. At that time Nyiko was super broke but cool hard working guy so I gave him a chance not knowing [he was] the devil.

"To cut the story short after two years I hear Nyiko is Mlindo’s manger," an astonished Maphorisa said. When he found out of their sinister actions, he said he just left them like that, "I let them be even though I could take him back, I left them to do their thing."

After all the backstabbing and betrayals, Maphorisa says Mlindo is asking to return to Blaqboy. Now, as per their contract, Mlindo is still an artist signed under the record label. But because he does not hold any grudges, he said he will continue to work with him and still has some love for the singer.

He revealed that they are working on his next project and have buried the hatchet. Even though he still feels betrayed.

"Contractually he is still my artist, I still love him, he is my boy we all make mistakes and yes we gonna make the next project. But what hurts me most is that you give people food and they sh*t on you with the same food you gave them," he vented.

The reason why Maphorisa is not too hurt about this is because he is used to being betrayed by people through out his career.

"I'm not mad because I have built a big room for disappointment, I have seen people come and go in my life a lot. Loyalty is key guys, it unlocks especially the ones who do the most for you, don't bewitch them," he advised. 

Mlindo has been dragged on social media with people saying his career is dead. When an artist goes off the radar for a while, or does not release any new music which burns the charts, they often get called irrelevant real quickly.

The muso who hails all the way from the South Coast, KwaZulu-Natal, also faced some disappointment while in the industry. He helped a homeless man named Martin, who had potential of making it in the industry. To his disappointment, Martin went back to the streets.

Things were looking great for Martin who not only bagged a recording deal, but he had also bagged acting gigs. One of them was a feature on eTV’s "Rhythm City" and the other acting opportunities that Martin had already secured were kept under wraps.

It ended in tears for him because he decided to return to his life on the streets, but Mlindo and Martin did not want to give up that easily.

Nyiko said they had visited Martin at his work place, but heard stories of how he did a few bad things there.

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