Khanyi Mbau's Stinging Clapback At Troll

No one messes with this queen

By  | Jan 31, 2022, 06:35 AM  | Khanyi Mbau  | Drama

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Ever since Khanyi landed the role as Zandile Zulu on Showmax’s The Wife, there has been an endless debate as to whether or not she fits the bill and can really deliver on the role. While her fans have shown up in numbers to validate her great acting skills, it seems many are still quite salty about her on the show.

As you might already know, it is very rare for Khanyi to give a response to anyone trolling her unless it is absolutely necessary. And this time, it seems Khanyi has decided to show up for herself and put a troll in their place.

This is after one troll, reacted to the news of Khanyi being Zandile to be “So disappointing”. In a matter of seconds, Khanyi immediately retweeted the tweet and fans could not be more excited and proud at her very mature yet very savage response. 

Khanyi defended her role saying that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and that at the end of the day, no matter what these opinions are, Mzansi should at least give the character a chance to prove herself or simply stick to the Zandile from the book and stop ruining the whole experience for others.

Taking to her comment section fans are beyond pleased with how Khanyi chose to handle the situation and have gone ahead to applaud her for her dope acting skills. According to them, it is still very early to start pointing out flops in a character when the storyline is yet to develop fully.

Fans believe that trolls always have a tendency to drag someone even when they have not even seen for themselves what the Zaleb can do. In this case, seeing that Khanyi has had to be on the receiving end of a lot of hate online, she has become an easy target for many who think that she is not that harmless and may never do anything about it.

Well this time it looks like they thought wrong. The only other time we have seen Khanyi clapback at online bullies is that one time her daughter was rumored to be pregnant. Judging from a video that had been shared from a family get together, tweeps had apparently spotted that Cannes was doing her best to hide her tummy.

This did not sit all too well with Khanyi who immediately sent out a harsh warning to anyone who thought they were going to bully her child. Her message was clear and simple, “Lay off my child!” Clearly, this is a queen who is willing to do anything to protect those she loves and we love to see it too. 

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