DJ Sbu's Success Tainted By His Past

Tweeps have compared him to Ambitiouz Entertainment

By  | Sep 03, 2020, 10:47 AM  | DJ Sbu  | Drama

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The whole country has been applauding veteran DJ and entrepreneur, DJ Sbu for the recent expansion of his Mo Faya cooldrinks range. At the beginning of the month, DJ Sbu held a press conference to announce his return to the music scene, with an album he plans to launch in October and a single that will release this Friday. He also shared how Mo Faya will launch a soft drink range with a selection of 12 different flavours, with that distinct Mo Faya flavour.

Unfortunately, all of this great news was overshadowed by his questionable past in the music industry, some Tweeps called out his toxic business deals with the likes of Zahara, late Hip Hop legend Pro Kid and late Kwaito legend Brown Dash.

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In a Twitter thread, the author @kay_mahapa shared why DJ Sbu doesn't deserve all the admiration and love he is getting.
He didn't mince his words and clearly stated why DJ Sbu needed to be cancelled instead, how he exploited and continues to exploit Zahara and the late music legends for unknown reasons.
Many Tweeps supported his arguments because of how Zahara was at some point one of the biggest artists in the country but she was allegedly paid peanuts and cheated out of her royalties. The gifted musician ended up leaving TS Records to pursue her own path after her cries never brought her the justice that she deserved.

DJ Sbu, who is known for portraying himself as a good samaritan, by helping people in need when they reach out to him and being a motivational speaker to young people through his Hustlers Academy but his business dealings with fellow musicians has always been questioned. Although there might be more to the story of Brown Dash & Pro Kids royalties ad their music not being available online, Tweeps have compared Sbu to be just like embattled music stable, Ambitiouz Entertainment.

Whatever the truth may be, it is yet to come out and explained as to why some the best artists to work with DJ Sbu's TS Records, have died poor and their music not available online for streaming, so that their families can enjoy royalties. But one thing is for sure, DJ Sbu is unbothered and he keeps pioneering his entrepreneurial businesses.

Do you think Dj Sbu is guilty of these accusations and he will one day face the music?

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