''I Want My Money Back!''

Zahara lashes out at DJ Sbu.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Zahara  | Drama

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The Executives that work behind closed curtains in the entertainment industry usually go unnoticed hence, the nature of their jobs requires them to not be at the forefront as much. However, they play such an essential role in assuring success or failure in a celebrity's career.

Attesting to the above notion is South African award-winning musician, Zahara. The Eastern Cape-born star recently took to her Instagram page and posted two videos regarding her ongoing battle to recoup the remainder of the money that is owed to her by former record label executives' DJ Sbu and TK Nciza from the now defunct record label, TS Record.

In part one of her heartwrenching video, Zahara is heard saying the following:

"....When I left TS Records back in 2014,  you(DJ Sbu) and I left for the same reasons.  And you said that TK is cruel and "eating" everybody's money. "

In part two of the video, Zahara continues to add:

"If I want to scrub the floor with my money, I'll do so because it's my money. Just give me my money back since you're talking (to the media)."

The month of April 2019, has been showing Zahara nothing but flames.

It was widely reported that she was still owed around R10 million by her former bosses at TS Records and was fighting to get that money back.

Thereafter, Zahara's former manager came out guns blazing against her - stating that she only has herself to blame because her drinking problems were heavily influenced by her inability to properly manage her finances as it was also reported that she has an alcoholism problem that has also been plaguing her.

It seems there are plots and twists regarding the story. It would be awesome if all could be solved amicably and get back to the studio and do what they do bestl...making hits.

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