DJ Sbu threatens to take Forbes Africa to court

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | DJ Sbu  | Drama

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Radio and TV personality DJ Sbu has threated to fight Forbes Africa in court after the publication issued a false statement that he feels has damaged his character as an entrepreneur and public figure. The war ensued after Forbes released a press statement distancing themselves from a fabricated Forbes cover that DJ Sbu appears on. Last night on 702’s Money Show, Forbes Magazine editor, Christopher Bishop told the talk radio station that they would be investigating legal actions against the TV personality.

“I haven’t spoken to DJ Sbu as yet but what I can say is that our legal team is writing to him at the moment, we can't say anything further at the moment now but they are writing to him." Said Bishop.

Since then DJ Sbu has issued out a statement insisting that he did not create the magazine cover and will possibly render Forbes liable for damages that have occurred since the release of their statement.

“I never thought Forbes Africa, or anyone for that matter would react so negatively, especially in light of the overwhelming positive article on about the success of MoFaya.

We would think that an organisation such as Forbes Africa would know that publishing such false and damaging accusations against prominent members of the public may be considered defamatory and possibly render them liable for damages.” -  The statement read." The statement read.

Meanwhile, DJ Sbu has also revealed that his energy drink has just closed a deal in Botswana and will be available in the country from mid April.


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