DJ Shimza Gets Dragged On Twitter

DJ Shimza is accused of being arrogant

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | DJ Shimza  | Drama

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DJ Shimza found himself in a Twitter bowl of hot water after he tried to advice festival promotors on how to capitalize on funds to enhance the overall experience of the masses. Sounds harmless right? Wait till you read what followed after.

Shimza started off with an advisory note to festival promoters.

"Dear festival promoters, lets teach our people the culture of buying at our festivals[.]Why spend all the money [and] put in all the effort for a TOPS to make money you could be using to better your festival? R100 a cooler [box] that's carrying R500 alcohol is not enough[;] go for that R500!!!" the DJ wrote. Fair enough, right? Well, apparently not.

One of the Twitter users weighed in on Shimza's advice to complain about the affordability of both the tickets and alcohol at the DJ's festivals. He also thought to recommend a reduced price of R15 for a beer. 
DJ Shimza politely rejected the recommendation saying: "I really don't need more's about helping other promoters who don't realize how much more they could be making..." 
He went on to post a picture of one of his sold-out concerts supposedly proving why he doesn't need any more numbers.
This reply, however, seemed to have rubbed some people off the wrong way with some claiming that the DJ was being arrogant. 

Of course DJ Shimza couldn't take that comment lying down, he had to set the record straight.

These were some of the other comments:

Do you think DJ Shimza raised a good point nonetheless? Do you think he was being arrogant?

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