Vetkuk & Mahoota: 20k gold is NOT overrated

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | DJ Vetkuk  | Drama

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Many of our South African artists have found themselves achieving their dream of reaching the milestone mark of selling 20,000 copies of their album. iFani and AKA are just some of the few artists to hold such bragging rights this year.

Selling 20,000 copies of your album is quite a huge deal to our South African artists. However, online radio station begs to differ. In their effort to raise the stakes within the local music industry, the online radio station has appealed to South African artists to raise the bar and strive to sell 100,000 copies of their albums, rather than a measly 20,000, as a means to reach the sought-after gold status.

The local online radio station sent out numerous tweets to artists including DJ duo Vetkuk & Mahoota, informing them that the 20,000 gold status was overrated.

Vetkuk & Mahoota didn’t take this remark lightly, and urged the online radio station to respect other people's hustle.

Before the tweets turned into a heated debate that could've turned ugly, the online radio station raised the white flag and made it clear that they were not trying to stir any controversy, but instead were pleading for our artists to raise the bar.

The DJ duo also then raised a valid point about the music industry and the state of our economy:

According to Recording Industry South Africa, the music certification before 2007 looked like this:


25,000 copies


50,000 copies

Double Platinum

100,000 copies

However, after 2007, the numbers spiralled down to these figures:


20,000 copies


40,000 copies

Double Platinum

80,000 copies

Multiple Platinum

80,000+ copies in multiples of 40,000

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