DJ Zinhle Shades AKA

DJ Zinhle's fans were there to keep AKA grounded.

By  | Dec 10, 2020, 09:16 AM  | DJ Zinhle  | Drama

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Yes, folks! Monday's poll is in and we aren't shocked by your responses. We thought we loved drama but y'all are spicy AF and we're here for it.

None other than AKA himself decided to start this week off for us with his unfortunate incident. Super Mega Fell In Versace.

We're just as excited to share the results with you and get to the bottom of what actually happened that day, luckily AKA is ok and laughed about it the following day, so did other ZAlebs.

On the other side of the Forbes family, his baby mama, the gorgeous and Africa's number 1 female DJ decided to play it safe on stage, we guess she saw her baby daddy failing at this stage thing.

Without any further delay here are the results, folks, you clearly are onto something here. This is the only sense we can make of this because we can't imagine AKA's fans dropping him like that, it had to be DJ Zinhle's fans.
Then Dj Zinhle went and did her own crown surf successfully and proceeded to shade AKA's own flop.

While she may had not be implying anything about anyone, her fans did the most.

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