Donald's Stalker Leaves Him Gushing

Fans do not believe this one bit

By  | Mar 28, 2022, 04:39 PM  | Donald Moatshe  | Drama

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Musician Donald might have fallen off the spotlight a bit but he still has great music and a great supportive fan base. So his recent tweets might seem like a bit of a stretch to some people, but he actually might be seriously getting stalked by an obsessive fan.

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Fans, or rather stans, as we might call them tend to be a little obsessive over their favourite artists. They often express their love in various shocking ways, leaving the artist unsafe.

Donald revealed that there is a woman who follows him when he is at a gig in Nelspruit who always magically ends up in the VIP area. He said her obsessive behaviour leaves him unsafe. What's more shocking is that he stalked her page and said he found some shocking things which he did not want to disclose.

"There’s a lady who’s been following me at every gig I do in the Nelspruit area.  She finds her way into the VIP brings presents and forces to have a 1 on 1 conversation with me...I’m honestly starting to feel unsafe. I checked her page out now and I’m shook. I really don’t know what to do with this situation," he said.

Trolls did not pass out on the opportunity to make fun of Donald especially since they are so convinced he is done for.

Recently Donald got linked to rapper Big Hash after a publication claimed that he is the father of this young man.

Donald commented on a post from a Hip Hop DJ who said he is the father of the young rapper. Laughing at the post, Donald asked "which one is this one now?"

This brought a few laughs for him and his fans, especially after Hash revealed some terrible news. A few months back he made headlines when he decided to sue a record company called Innanetwav.

"In the spring of 2020, I was assisted by Tailor Made Consultants and M3NA Media to mutually separate from the label. All of this changed when details of their dealings became known to me. While signed to Innanetwav.

"I was being manipulated and exploited by people whom I considered family. A six-figure deal was signed, using my power of attorney, without total disclosure of the details, money and financial records related to my name and music were being withheld from me,” he wrote on social media.

He then concluded his lengthy public statement by saying, "I want to come back harder and stronger than I was, with no one stopping me from claiming my destiny. I really still love what I do, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve made plenty of mistakes, but the biggest one I could have ever made was to see what I’ve accomplished and think I didn’t want to achieve more.

"This journey has been a tough one and it’s only going to be an uphill battle from here, as I’ve decided to pursue legal action against Innanetwav," he concluded.

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