Is Donald A Struggling Artist?

Donald likes to think of himself as a legend

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Donald Moatshe has had one of the best careers in the country and has been a heartthrob ever since breaking into the scene. He has given us timeless hits as an RnB and Afro Soul artist however, what has he been up to of late? 
The hype around his career has seemingly died down but thanks to his devoted legions of fans, his career is still soaring. The trolls seem to disagree though as they keep taking jabs at his career questioning if he is still relevant or not. 
On Twitter, the In Denial hit maker had to fight off claims once again that he is irrelevant in the industry and that his career has reached a dead end. “But your career ended early 2000's...” is some of the hurtful comments many have directed at the musician. This unnecessary comment was in response to a tweet by the muso when he claimed to be a one of a kind artist, cut from a different cloth than the rest of the musicians in the country. 
“I knew very early in my career that I would be different from other artists, the way I move is very different. Most don’t get it in the beginning but they eventually respect it,” he claimed. 
Donald tried to figure out what the troll was referring to saying he has definitely produced a lot of number 1 hits and hit last one was not so long ago. “My career only started in 2005, 2009 as a solo artist, only dropped my 1st No.1 in 2012 and my last No.1 was in 2018, my last Top 5 record was in 2019, so which Donald are you referring to?” he clapped back.
If you thought it was only the trolls who are not feeling his music, then think again. His fans and people who admire him seem to think the exact same thing. One wrote, “Donald is a nice human being, but don't confuse that with his music!!! Tell me Donald last hit song??? That song with Mlindo is not a hit, jus payola, like how Majors do 2 all struggling artists, he dropped a song with that 1s & 2s winner and check his last drop!!!! No one is playing it.”
Donald, however, would like to think otherwise, he hit back at the fan by saying not every song needs to be a hit, “Not every song hits Thato, you should know that if you know your stuff... We move to the next. I play in a different league my bro, I’ve been doing this way too long. Relevance means nothing to me, I make timeless music. Get that into your head you’ll be fine.”
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