Dr Malinga clapsback at sexual remarks

The man sees nothing wrong with that dance 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Dr Malinga  | Drama

Dr malinga

There are two videos on social media that sent South Africa into a whirlwind, it's the Adam Catzevelose video and that dance video of Dr Malinga and a fan.

After he posted the video on Instagram, his followers went straight to his comments section and expressed their thoughts about the video, while some fans laughed at what they saw, others expressed their distaste of the video.

Dr Malinga has responded to those that did not like the video during his interview with Tshisa Live.

"That dance is sexy, not sexual. I don't know why people would say it was sexual. That was their thinking, not mine." he said.

He insisted that there was nothing dirty about the dance and that as Africans we have many dance moves that are sexy. 


Since Malinga became famous, he is not only known for his rather bright outfits but for his dance moves as well. The flying kick dance still has us chuckling every time he performs it.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@DrMalinga