Drug bust makes Stevie French famous-er

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Drama

News broke on Monday morning that a popular South African celebrity had been arrested at OR Tambo airport for trying to smuggle drugs.

Said actress was allegedly caught with R4.6 million worth of crystal meth!

The news sent Twitter into a frenzy, with the hashtag #GuessTheActress soon trending.

So where does Stevie French fit into all this? Well, because Stevie had mentioned on social media that she was travelling to Dubai, Tweeps connected the dots.

The dots turned out to be a major stretch as the SA Police Service tweeted that the person arrested was not a popular actress – major anti-climax.

Instead of threatening to sue for defamation, Stevie took it all in her stride and was enjoying all the free publicity she was receiving.

We can’t blame the girl, because it seems some Tweeps had no idea who she was.

Check out her awesome response to the crazy news.

She even got some free airtime on Cliff Central when the ZAlebs team joined Arye Kellman to talk about the shocking mix up.

Listen to her response to trending on Twitter for all the wrong reasons. 

Don’t worry Stevie, we’re still huge fans and loved your ZAlebs hijack!

Meanwhile, it's alleged that a 29-year-old woman by the name of Ottilia Mmatjatji Malatji has been arrested for the drug smuggling incident.