The many times Dumi Masilela showed his Dankie San’ support to Pro

It’s quite sad that they’re both no longer with us.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Dumi Masilela  | Drama

dumi masilela

If there's one thing the two artists had in common is their love for the hood and their passion in uplifting people from ekasi through their art.

Dumi always represented his hood of Tembisa whereas Pro flew the Soweto flag high no matter where he performed across the country.

It's quite poetic and heartwrenching how these two talents are no longer with us. To also add salt to injury, it's unfortunate that they both passed on in the same month of August.

It's been a year since Dumi passed on, and this week marks the burial of Pro, August will always be a dark month for the local entertainment industry.

DAnkie k

The Dankie San phrase was established back in 2006. It first started as a common phrase used in many of Pro's famous songs.

The phrase caught so much attention with Pro's fans that local entrepreneurs decided to capitalize on the phrase by creating Dankie San' merchandise which Pro loved and supported.

One entertainer who was also in full support of this merchandise was the late Dumi Masilela. The actor and singer proudly flaunted the brand every chance he got.

These are just the many times Dumi proved that he was always for the township culture.

Dumi pro

Dumi with Pro's mentee - Red Button, both men are seen rocking the Dankie San' winter collection.

Dumi Masilela
Dumi Masilela

May the two stars rest in eternal peace.

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