Aviwe Given Seven Days To Apologize For His Derogatory Comments Against Dumi

He accused Dumi of having sexual relationships with men

By  | Dec 08, 2022, 11:43 AM  | Dumi Mkokstad  | Drama

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Artist manager Aviwe Gqomfo, has ruffled major feathers with his derogatory statement where he accused gospel star Dumi Mkokstad, of sleeping his way to the top.

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Dumi is in hot water after making damning allegations against Dumi that he sleeps with men. He accused the singer of having sexual relationships with men to boost his career.

His remarks were criticized on social media, with many people accusing him of slandering Dumi. He further alleged that Dumi did not go to the mountain for initiation as per the Xhosa culture.

According to Drum, Dumi's legal team has given Aviwe seven days to retract and apologize for the derogatory post by Dumi's legal team. The outlet reports that Aviwe wrote in his post “makhe ndiye e toilet ngempundu zam ezingazange zangena ncanca yenye indoda for imali (let me go to the toilet with my bums which have never been inserted with any man’s penis for money)"

According to a letter Drum has seen, Dumi's lawyer's team said " The comment insinuated that our client engage (sic) sexually with other men for money."

Aviwe has been instructed to send an emailed apology to their client retracting his comments. “The said comment is defamatory to the person of our client, including his music business. We are further instructed that the said comment has since been deleted, however, the damage has already been done," it reads.

“You are therefore required to address an emailed letter to our client and to ourselves, where you retract and unreservedly apologise to our client for the said unfounded comments within seven calendar days.

“The failure to adhere to the above will result in appropriate legal action being pursued against your good self, and you will be liable any legal costs attached thereto.”

When Zimoja contacted Gqomfo regarding the allegations against the gospel singer, he said “I don’t know what you are talking about. I really don’t know,” he said before he hung up.

Dumi has said he will file a lawsuit against him in the meantime.

“I don’t want to comment further on the matter as I am taking legal action against Gqomfo. I am aware of the allegations he made against me through his Facebook page. It’s a long story to explain why he made those allegations. My lawyer will deal with him,” he said to Zimoja.

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