Emtee Disses Big Zulu

Is this his clapback to 150 Bars?

By  | Dec 05, 2022, 10:40 AM  | Emtee  | Drama

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Big Zulu shook the game when he dissed a few of South Africa's heavyweights in a diss track titled 150 Bars. While some responded with their own tracks, others took to Twitter to get a few things off their chests. Emtee was one of the few to subtly respond but it seems as though he is not over the whole situation. 
In what many think was Emtee's desperate attempt at attention seeking, a fan mentioned that Big Zulu was right in the track about him not owning a car. This was after he claimed fans damaged his car out of love. “Last night “fans” dented, scratched and poured liquor on my car cos they “love me” FOH,” he tweeted. 
Clapping back, Emtee said how can anyone believe someone who wears fake Gucci. 

“How can u believe someone who wears fake Gucci day in day out,” he tweeted.
Emtee has been going back and forth with self proclaimed music executive Nota Baloyi. Nota dragged Emtee saying he is unfit to be a father because he is a loser and Emtee clapped back saying Nota is mental. 
This was started when Emtee said he does not have a manager and that when he had a Fallout with his late manager, he only wanted Sizwe Dhlomo to be the one to manage him. "I don't have a manager, never had one so do not ask me anything if you get scammed by someone claiming to be my manager because I don't have one for a reason. I asked Siz (Sizwe Dhlomo) to manage me, he was not keen, I understood. If not Siz then nobody. I will die there," he tweeted.
When people suggested Nota, he came in with the clapbacks. 
Nota too had a few of his own, "He's a junky, he needs to get to rehab and get clean, sort out his life - he has kids to raise. My biggest fear is that Emtee's kids would pick up Xanax, overdose and die. That's my biggest fear. The same way Jub Jub's son is caught taking his mother's boyfriend's weed to school" he claimed.
"I actually care about the condition of the human being. The fans are obsessed with the object of their affection but they can’t see that being eMTee is killing Mthembeni… He’s been mad at me since I called his parents to come & intervene. Literally tried everything to show love!"
AKA trolled Big Zulu by saying his 150 Bars is nothing but an Ubuntu Diss Track. Big Zulu clapped back and said he would slap him. 
"This boy AKA called it 'Ubuntu Diss Track' just because I said 'I'm not fighting with you guys'. Yes I am not fighting with them and everything I said on 150 bars was not intended to cause a fight. 
"When I released 150 [Bars] it was just rap, not that I wanted to fight with these boys. This is just Hip Hop. AKA must not be forward, he must stay in his lane. Here he is telling me about Ubuntu Diss Track, why did I apologist at the end. If you want a fight approach me directly and talk all that bullsh*t to my face. I will remind him about the things he says on Twitter and show him what he wants," said the rapper.

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