Fans Tear Into Inno Morolong's New Show

Even Lady Nam can't take it

By  | Mar 10, 2022, 12:27 PM  | Drama

Diamonds and Dolls
It was only a few days ago when Inno Morolong announced, with excitement, that she would be starring in a new reality TV show. But it has only been about six episodes, and viewers are already hating on it. 
The show, Diamonds and Dolls, is a Showmax original. It follows the story of the “African Diamond” Tebogo Ramokgadi, and four ladies he called his “Dolls”. He takes them on a journey of acquiring fame and fortune, and fans get to watch all the drama going on between them through it all. The four dolls are Mzansi’s own socialiets: Inno Morolong, Eva Modika, Lolo Mlunjwana, and Lumi Jemma. 

With just one season out (is it even a full season or just part of it?), the reviews are not at all what you would expect from a brand new show with such a stellar cast. Fans just outright absolutely hate it, and the drama they have been going through is really not helping their ratings.

Nambitha Ben-Mazwi yesterday tweeted that she had landed on the show while flipping through channels. Within only 30 seconds, she was already sick of it, wondering what on earth she was even watching. 
In fact, a recent episode left such a terrible taste in viewers' mouths that they felt they would cancel the show immediately. Lolo started a war with Eva, saying that at her age, Eva’s stomach must be full of c*m. Yikes! 

Eva’s response to this slight was to say that Lolo should be deported. She is originally Zimbabwean, and Eva’s comment came off like she was saying Lolo is an illegal immigrant. 
The comment was so terrible that it started a load of drama, with Lolo going on Instagram live to call Eva xenophobic. Even Inno had to step in, and did a whole Instagram live session, talking about xenophobia and why it is a terrible sentiment. 

If you already have a headache from reading these happenings, you’re not the only one. Even entertainment commentator Phil Mphela needed a moment to collect himself before he could talk about the show. 
He is usually trusted to drop the news on the entertainment industry in general, from TV shows, to brand endorsements, to music, and everything in between. But this time, he only tweeted saying that he is fully aware of the drama on the new show, but will withhold any further statements until he has more information on what on earth is going on there. 
Phew! How much havoc can a show wreak in such little time? At this rate, is this show even built to last? I mean, fans are already wondering who exactly at Showmax approved the show and why. But I guess we’ll have to wait and see. 

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