Fezile Makhanya and Dineo Moeketsi open up about their abusive scene

The two actors are on a mission to expose abusive men and the effects of abuse.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Fezile Makhanya  | Drama

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Fezile Makhanya and Dineo Moeketsi

For actors Dineo Moeketsi and Fezile, the scene required more than their acting skills and spilled over into their personal lives as they focused on conveying the scene as authentically as possible.

Speaking toMasechaba and Mo Flava in a recent interview, Dineo - who plays Kea in the series - opened up about the importance of understanding her role as a woman in this scene because of the many women across the country who experience this kind of abuse on a daily basis.

“My most prominent thought was how much responsibility we had to handle that moment with, that nothing can ring untrue, at any point because so many people have gone through this.

This is coming to an audience where abuse is prominent, so for me, I had to make sure that everything I did was as a true moment as it possibly could be…” 


Kea’s husband Tebogo played by Fezile said that his dedication to his role has had him sleeping at 1 am in the morning getting into how his character should portray certain things.

“Playing the character has done something to me...the preparations were done the day before, I would literally sleep round about midnight to 1 am every morning, translating to English to how Tebogo as a Zulu guy would say certain things…”

Fezile says that though he was happy to be shunning light on abuse, his role spilled over to his personal life and had him being moody on date nights with his wife.

“...it was tiresome, I remember getting home, taking a shower and just passing out and it’s kind of hard, dibbling and dabbling from Fezile and Tebogo. You find them sitting at home on date night, here I am, I’m moody and I can’t explain why, I just have to snap out of it, because I’m stuck on this character, I’m stuck on this role, I’m thinking of the next couple of scenes that are coming through, on how I should do certain things…”

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