Flo Masebe Has Criticized The Government's Coronavirus Whatsapp Group

This follows after certain languages have been left out when they share information.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:49 PM  | Florence Masebe  | Drama

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Veteran actress Flo Masebe, has lambasted the Government's coronavirus WhatsApp group, which is aimed at educating the masses, and to provide the latest updates about the deadly virus.

Florence has questioned their choice of languages when sharing information. This is after a Twitter user posted that, some languages have been discriminated when they share information.

Most South Africans have been relying on the group to get the latest updates, but it seems like the language barrier is causing headaches to many.

Flo Masebe who is always vocal about all the things affecting the masses, vented out her frustrations and said, she does not understand why some languages have been left out as if coronavirus discriminates.

It is no secret that this will also result in some communities not getting the information.

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