Florence Masebe: "let grieving people grieve"

The actress reflects on her grieving journey 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Florence Masebe  | Drama

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Florence Maseba

In late 2015, actress Florence Masebe lost her son in a drowning accident, and although it has been nearly three years since the tragedy took place, Maseba is opening up about her grief.

The passing of Florence Masebe's son led her to pen her grief in a book titled 'The heart knows', in a recent interview on Trending SA, the actress shared that she felt that the experience exposed her to a different perspective of grief.

“I think, what I’ve learnt is that everybody’s journey will probably be their own, and there are no rules about grieving, there are no deadlines and timelines...people should be really given the space to even wallow in it when they need to…”

The actress went on to add that she felt that there were people who got uncomfortable with her grief.

“One of the biggest annoyances - and I want to take it and just be quiet - would be...you post a picture and somebody sees it and goes like: “You’re smiling, it’s so good to see you smile again...” so people are relieved to see you smile again cause it means...thank goodness, she’s over that, now we don’t have to be uncomfortable around her…let grieving people grieve.” she said.

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