Gail Mabalane on not giving her stalker power

The actress is hellbent on being in control of the situation.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Gail Mabalane  | Drama

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Throughout the past couple of weeks we've heard of celebrities such as the likes of Lerato Kganyago come out and expose her stalker. Actress - Gail Mabalane is also another actress who has revealed that she's been stalked by an unknown man.

During an interview on 702 with Azania, Gail briefly detailed her experience with the stalker; the conversation stemmed from her discussion about trying not to share too much about her kids on social media.

"I had a horrible experience with a stalker, it was horrible I would never want to expose my children to that," she said.

Gail also revealed that the man is still stalking her, she has reported the man to police authorities but according to her, the police can't do anything to the man until he does something drastic to her or her family. Crazy right?

"The unfortunate thing is we're not at a place yet where the police can protect me until he does something, there's nothing wrong he's doing," said Gail.

She further added that the stalker has also been stalking those close to her.

"..he's gotten a hold of my sister, my manager, he's gotten a hold of so many people. He's got cellphone numbers; he'll sometimes post pictures of my ex-manager where she stays, and take a picture and send a message to her saying;  'oh, I see your kids are playing.'

Gail says it is a very sensitive matter, but she does not want to give this man power over her life.

"It's very sensitive, but I also don't want to give him that much power because he's obviously not as bold as I think he is because if he were he would've at least been able to confront me to my face, but I think it's just someone who goes out of his way to make people's lives miserable. I'm not trying to live my life in fear or hide."

During the interview, she then said she doesn't want to further speak about the stalker as that would also be giving him too much power.

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