Major Heiress to Ginimbi's Fortune: "Bro Will I Ever Heal?"

Ginimbi left a whole in her heart

By  | Nov 29, 2020, 02:26 PM  | Genius "Ginimbi" Kadungure  | Drama

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Nelia Kadungure, Ginimbi's little sister who inherited the bulk of Ginimbi's estate has taken to social media to express how heartbroken she is at the loss of her dear brother Genius.

She posted the last message she sent her brother, which was on his birthday.

"My love for you knows no bound
My respect for you is equally immense
G you my ultimate emotional support and you my sweetest friend
Every memory from the gone years makes me glad that you are my brother
I love you so dearly
You are a hero in this family wish mom could still talk vaibva vati Nelia phonera Gini and she would force us to sing with our rusty voices vobva vati happy birthday mhofu nwae I don't want to be emotional 
Happy birthday my hero shampopo I promise to make you proud in this life.
You don't know how much you mean to me"

Nelia shared the screenshot with a caption that read:

"Going through our chat G u hurt me the most. Your Death has caged me in pain, agony and misery Bro will I ever heal?"
Ginimbi loved his family and how his estate is going to be distributed reflects that.

Nelia went on to share another screenshot of a conversation she had with her brother and the caption read:

"Who is going to love me like you G. I remember the day u called me in the office and u said nelia I love u so much I would never want any of these guys to waste your time no one is ever going to love you the way I do..u forever warned me bout boys retonaz and u emphasized now n again...that time u asked me to choose between u n this world I chose u and now u live me this way why G why u promised to be there for me in this life. is this wat u meant? leaving me in this cruel world ...Genius whyyyyyy...damn reality is hitting me now #depressed"

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