Gigi Lamayne apologises to Gugulethu Mhlungu

Gigi Lamayne is the bigger person.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Gigi LaMayne  | Drama

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Speaking to Azizzar on Massiv Metro Gigi shared a mouthful about her fall out with writer Gugulethu saying that although her personality is not one to capback on social media, she didn’t like how Gugu decided to analyse the image.

“I deliberately went for her,I’m not even gonna lie...I’m actually a very sensitive, sentimental quiet person, I never come at anyone...before I left the record label I had shot that video, there was a certain image being pushed...Gugu decides that she’s gonna take a picture, analyse it, look cool for a minute and look for a small little brown...whatever...obviously the producers had missed it but Gugu definitely analysed it that much and she was like, Oh there’s a cockroach in the picture, people looked…”


Gigi went on to add that she had been behind Gugulethu when her mistakes on Bonang’s From A to B book were pointed out on social media saying:

“….with Gugu, the thing was...she played a very pivotal role in the writing of from A to B by Bonang and that was an amazing time for females, whether you’re with someone or not...I feel like Bonang had a great year, she had her book out and there were certain errors in the book and I was one of the people that was like, these things happen, let’s support the second launch, I was tweeting about it, I was so behind it…because there were so many people not even bashing Gugu but bashing Bonang not even understanding that there were so many people who played a role in that and she had never really gotten that slack so I think that’s why it was so easy for her to come down on someone else because she had never been in that situation before but…”

Gigi went on to share that she didn't like how Gugu brought such to the public's attention and that after struggling to sleep that night, her younger sister had urged her to clap back saying that she shouldn't let her get away with it.

"For her to take that and do that to me, I won’t even lie to the public, I hardly slept that night, I was trying to push the Gigi Lamayne foundation...didn’t understand why people were so fixated on this cause I was trying to do something bigger for society...I got to a point where I was like, enough is enough, let me go to sleep for a bit and I’ll wake up in the morning, I kid you not, my little sister was there with me we woke up at six in the morning and she was like ‘you can’t let her do this to you…”

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Gigi as a female rapper in the industry, she had been bashed the most and expected a 'person of influence' like Gugu to help change the narrative.

“People have said the most about my complexion, about my losing weight, I’ve had it the hardest, there’s no female rapper that can tell me that they’ve had it like me, it’s never been about my bars...and when someone like Gugu who is of influence could have tried to almost teach people, show people a different light to things, she goes and sticks to that kind of narrative, I have an issue…”

The rapper went on to apologize to the writer for disrespecting her however, she says that this should be a lesson to whoever in the country might think of coming for anybody else.

“...I’m saying it right now on air I apologize to her for disrespecting her but I feel like that needed to serve as a case study for a lot of people, not only for our industry but for people who think they can come for someone…”

Gigi Lamayne has since moved on and is off to doing bigger things with the #GigiLamayneFoundation and after being signed with Ambitious Entertainment.

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