Glen Lewis hopes politicians won't take over Ray Phiri's funeral

Glen Lewis speaks the truth.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Glen Lewis  | Drama

Glen Lewis

Mr Ray Phiri's passing has undoubtedly touched many, especially musicians who grew up listening to his music back in the 80's and 90's.

One of those people is DJ Glen Lewis who expressed deep sadness at the passing of the late Jazz musician who succumbed to his battle with lung cancer on Wednesday morning.

Glen Lewis also mentioned something most people in the industry have probably been thinking but not necessarily saying. During his show, The Expensive Breakfast, on Touch HD, the DJ also expressed his wish of not having politicians take over  Mr Phiri's funeral. 

" I hope we don't have politicians taking over. We must have people from the music industry, his friends, people who grew up with him, people like abho Peter Tladi. So I'm hoping that we'll have people from the industry taking, I don't get it, a family is grieving and then you have a politician who brings his politic stories. No, we are mourning the death of a legend, Ray Phiri, we don't want to hear your politics, you have the parliament, you have talk radio stations who interview you every day. So I hope there won't be any politicians who will be given the platform, they must sit back! 

Have you ever heard a DJ talking at a politicians funeral? Do they even consider celebrities? So please sit down, we hope we have none of that rubbish happening at Mr Ray Phiri's funeral. Politicians must just sit down, do their job, fix the country and stay away from our business. " Said Glen Lewis.

The late Ray Phiri will be laid to rest in Mpumalanga.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Glenzito