Gugu Khathi Brutally Attacks RHOJ Star

She is in trouble with the law yet again

By  | Apr 05, 2021, 09:07 AM  | Gugu Khathi  | Drama

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DJ Tira's wife, Gugu Khathi has allegedly attacked Real Housewives Of Johannesburg star Christall Kay. According to Sunday World, the Durban DJ's bae teamed up with Brinette, who is also of RHOJ fame, to wrestle Christall at a club in Pretoria.

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The brawl erupted last month as the two ganged up on the wealthy businesswoman and singer. They first got into a heated argument, before proceeding to throw hands at each other. The fight was so intense that they even had to switch into comfortable gear just so they can beat up Christall.

The bouncers at the club had to intervene but did not call the police, instead they rushed Christall to the hospital. Now, a beaten and bruised Christall is threatening legal action against the two. Christall told the publication that Gugu punched her in the eye, resulting in a black eye. She said she did not confront her or anything, Gugu just charged at her whilst enjoying her drinks “Gugu Khathi is the one who punched me in the eye, resulting in a black eye. She did this when I was sitting down and there was no threat to her,” Christall said. 

Kay added that Gugu regrets beating her up, so she has decided to open charges against her, “I have evidence to prove this. She is scared over what she has done and is trying to make out a case against me. Charges are currently being laid against her."
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Khathi on the other hand who is known for being involved in countless fights laughed off the matter when contacted by the publication and simply said, she and Christall are in good terms. She even called her 'bestfriend', “I can confirm the incident happened, but what shocks is that fact that out of all the people in the club, how can Christal choose my name, there were too many people in that club, why does she pick me, besties don’t do that to each other.

This brawl allegedly resulted in the upcoming season of RHOJ getting stalled for a few more months. This is to allow Christall's face to heal. Remember a few months ago we revealed that Gugu will be joining the ladies at RHOJ, well that decision might also get revoked seeing how the ladies are scared of Gugu.

It is also alleged that Gugu is a notorious streetfighter. This after she fought a woman who flirted with her husband, DJ Tira.

Another incident took place last year, June where she and her neighbour got involved in a fight after the neighbour called her son a "low life criminal." Their beef started the year before that actually, and things have never been the same. The O'Neil family accused Junior Khathi of being a criminal after he was found on the streets during lockdown and then sprayed water on him.

Also, O'Neil accused DJ Tira and Naakmusiq, of allegedly breaking the lockdowns regulations by paying each other visits, whilst it is prohibited.

We guess we will be seeing more of Gugu's ratchet side on the show. After it was revealed that she would be joining the show, she revealed that she will be making cameos. “I want to be looked at in another light. It will be my responsibility to show off women who’re able and want to empower others. This is the perfect platform for me, even though I will not be a full-time cast member.”

Well, that's if they do not backtrack on their decision to accommodate the businesswoman.

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