How Bujy Became Homeless After Fight With Boity

He also apparently lost out on a lot of gigs

By  | Oct 16, 2022, 04:42 PM  | Drama

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In a recent interview with City Press, Bujy Bikwa revealed that he lost out on a lot as a result of his fight with Boity Thulo. 

Last year, Bujy's world came crashing down when he got involved in a fight with rapper Boity after an event. 

Pictures of Boity drenched in red wine from the glass Bujy allegedly slammed her with, went viral on social media. 

Bujy spoke to the publication and revealed how difficult it has been for him over the past months.

“GBV is a very sensitive matter in this country. Just last week, a good friend of mine was beaten to a pulp by a lover. So, if someone says (the altercation) was a GBV case, I just say we are all adults here and we know what happened at that hotel. Let us let the law take its course. For me, I want to use this time to heal,” he was quoted saying. 

He then revealed he lost out on a lot including his home and two television gigs. And also A Djing gig. 

“I missed two television shows. The first one I was supposed to shoot last year and the second one was coming this year. So those are all gone. I know they are both on television now. I have seen them.” 

“Even with my deejaying residency, they had put me on hold and said they wanted to understand what is currently happening first before I could go back. So many people did not want to touch me. Other people thought it was too soon for me to start booking the jobs,” he said.  

He is thankful for the support from family

Speaking on the whole incident, he said he would let the truth prevail, “It was more [a case] of who is more popular, who is more believable, and it was easy for me to stay silent for the longest time because I am male. I have decided not to fight because I told myself that, when the time is right the truth will come out.”  

He was since labeled an abuser and gender based violence perpetrator. He took part in a march warning against gender based violence called Khuzekani Madoda but he also received some backlash for that decision. 

Explaining his decision to partake in the March, he told TshisaLive he wanted to stop being silent about the incident which happened between him and Boity and also educate society that not only women get abused - men too are victims of GBV.

“Joining the walk was moving the silence from me and also taking ownership of what happened. Instead of just sitting back and taking the backlash as if I'm guilty. With this walk, I wanted people to understand that also men suffer from so much abuse. I am aware that with the incident, I gave homophobes a platform to use against us,” he told the publication.

“I realised with me that South Africans do not have the knowledge of what GBV is. The altercation that happened between me and the other lady is that everybody thinks the fight happened because I attacked her because she was female, not knowing that she attacked me first and called me all derogatory names and consistently reminded me that I am a male, she must hit and I must take the beating. Bujy is not leading any March, he is invited to participate against GBV. GBV is a serious crime and we are providing a platform for our communities to get educated on GBV."

Khuzekani madoda released a statement on Facebook which reads, "This awareness campaign on GBV is a platform to educate our communities on Gender (Male/Female) Based Violence but mostly to reach out to young men in society who grow up with no mentors or father figures to guide them. The need to create a platform to mentor boys and young men of color is very important.

"Khuzekani Madoda is a movement to create a platform for those who need Mentorship and assistance to speak about their problems to likelihood brothers maybe with same experiences and challenges."

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