"I Have Been Receiving Death Threats"

Mphowabadimo is reportedly living in fear

By  | Mar 29, 2023, 09:33 AM  | Drama

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Big Brother Mzansi winner Mphowabadimo has, in a statement, claimed to be living in fear, after receiving death threats. The pregnant mother was in a relationship with former Big Brother housemate Themba Broly. Their tumultious relationship saw them being blessed with a baby however they split before the baby is born.

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Mpho sent a statement to Zimoja explaining how she is fearful for her and her unborn's life as she has been receiving threats.

“I have been receiving death threats; from calls to texts threatening my life and my son’s life till today. Those threats have been direct, and it has created a very hostile situation for me and those close to me. I’ve been receiving pictures of my car, home, and son with threats. Some of these messages and calls are coming from people close to the person I was in a relationship with,” says Mpho.

She said she has since involved her lawyers to try and remedy the situation, “I have been in talks with my lawyer and seeking further advice and will not be doing any media interviews about my past relationship. I m trying so hard to move away from this chapter but the defamation that has come with it hasn’t been pleasant to the extent of threats leading to my unborn baby, son, and myself.” she continued.

Phi even said that Themba is creating a notion that they are still together by posting her on his social media and even speaking about her, when in actual fact, they have broken up.

"The constant posting of my images on his page and talk about me on interviews are in contradictory to reality and truth. I ask that we move with respect and consideration and allow me to detach myself with grace anything else will be addressed to and by my lawyer to anyone involved to date respectively. My safety comes first,” she said.

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Mpho and Themba's baby mama had a public spat when she commented on how Themba proposed. "Is that how Themba proposed? Nkare nkaloma di tattoos.”

Mpho was not impressed by this and she called Nqobile out, “If a person wants to live, they should live for their kids. It’ll help you stay away from me because you may find yourself walking around naked in the streets. I am not quiet because I am dumb, I don’t fight for a man but I will fight a b**ch who starts with me.”

Mpho even claimed older women have been throwing themselves at Themba in his DMs.

"Do your husbands know that you granny's are busy sending nudes to a child? You act as though you love him, but you just want to sleep with him. I have got faces, nudes and transactions my phone is heavy!"

Taking to Instagram live, Mpho said she will never fight for a man.

"I will not take it lying down. I even lost out on work because of the scandals you dragged into my name. I have not forgotten, I will never forget but I have been quiet. So, you can post Themba and post his face and [private parts,] listen I will not fight for a man. I do not, I have nothing to prove. My existence does not rely on my relationship with Themba. I am Mphowabadimo with or without Themba Broly. So I am not desperate! You can blackmail him using your kids, use those mentalities.  Women from back then went through the same thing. It is what it is! I am not upset, but it's just a lot. If I see another stupid number call me again [hell will break loose]!"

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