If You Have A GF, Stay Out Of Rouge's DMs!

Taken men take note!

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Drama

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You know the hashtag #SingleFlames? Rouge could certainly qualify as a worthy candidate on that particular trend and we're certain she'd have no shortage of suitors. The only problem is, a number of these dudes are already in relationships and the rapper has had enough!

We'll never understand what it is that makes a married or otherwise taken man decide to try their luck with other women, but it seems as if the women of Mzansi are getting tired of this particular phenomenon and one by one, sleezy men are being exposed on the TL.

Although she didn't name anybody in particular, Rouge expressed her frustration on the timeline when she called out the thirsty men-in-relationships who can't seem to stay out of her DM inbox.

She took to Twitter to say:

"The Dms I get from some dudes is crazy, fully tryna slide in then you check their page they are legit in relationships confessing their love to their lady... Please stop this. Love yours bruv."

Let's just say that, judging by the responses, she wasn't the only person who had ever experienced this but sadly even more of the replies were from the very men who seem to be justifying this kind of behaviour:

Sadly, these guys just don't see that they don't have a chance. Rouge has been very outspoken about the kind of guy that she wants in her life and let's just say, anybody who has a girlfriend probably isn't up for consideration. Do you remember when she listed the characteristics of her ideal man?

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