Is Tina Dlathu A.K.A The River's Khwezi A "Nepo Baby" ?

Tweeps wonder why she is back?

By  | Dec 13, 2022, 08:52 AM  | Drama

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The River seems to not be catching a break from constructive criticism in recent months. The recent storylines of the series have arguably not been on par with the past four seasons the Mzansi 1 Magic telenovela has come to be known and lauded for.

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However, things seemed to be looking on the up and up recently, when it was confirmed that the previously mentioned cast who were exiting at the end of season five would return for their final curtain call on the show. This meant that fan-favourites like Zolani, Paulina and Emma would return. 
Moreover, recurring fan-favourites like Zungazi and Zodwa are also set to make their return to the world of the story later on this coming month based on the teasers released for this month. What fans did not know they would be stuck with is also the return of Tina Dlathu who plays the character of Khwezi Hlophe. 
Is Tina Dlathu a.k.a The River's Khwezi a "nepo baby" ?
When Tina Dlathu first made her debut on The River, fans were flawed by her beauty. A beauty that she shares with sister and lead of The River, Sindi Dlathu, who plays Lindiwe Dikana-Dlamini.

At this time, her storyline as the other woman in Zolani’s life olarsed fans as they chose whether their were Team Zolani and Emma or Team Zolani and Khwezi. 

But that quickly changed, as it was discovered that like her sister, Tina does not believe in onscreen kisses. This fact changed the perception of her acting initially as viewers questioned, “Why hire an actress who does not believing in onscreen kissing as a mistress to a married man?”
While the question was bubbling, Tina left the telenovela much to the dismay of her fans at the time. But much to the joy of many who believed she did not have the range to join the once stellar cast of the telenovela. But her exit was short-lived as they brought her back.

A decision, which in retrospect, has done more damage than good. This is as upon her return, the writers decided to give her an emotionally taxing storyline as she was kidnapped and left for dead. But again, Tina’s range was her biggest enemy as she arguably could not carry the story line. As such, when she left this time around, fans were more than happy. 

However, with Zolani returning for his curtain call, it seems that the writers and producers, decided that bringing Khwezi back would give a plausible storyline. But fans, have questioned whether Tina was brought back at her sister’s request.

This is Sindi serves not only as the lead, but co-executive producer of The River. Therefore, her requesting Tina’s return and excessive screentime is a question or allegation that the series cannot run too far away from.

More so, given the fact that Khwezi’s acting is not giving and the more sceentime she is given, the more apparent it becomes that it was not only talent that managed to get her on the once highly regarded The River. 

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