The Many Times Jackie Phamotse Trended

Well, it ended in tears for her

By  | Nov 18, 2020, 11:31 AM  | Jackie Phamotse  | Drama

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As we've stated before, author Jackie Phamotse's life has never been short of drama. She loves controversy and for once it is working in her favour.

The author Jackie Phamotse is still trending after she went on Instagram Live and started a fiery conversation about wealthy celebrities who have acquired their wealth using dark magic. Although she didn't name any names she talked about celebs who use snakes to gain wealth.

About two years ago, after being dragged to court by Basetsana Kumalo, losing that case and facing another impending case from PR maven, Linda Moeketsi, came the wrath of Bonang Matheba. 

Phamotse used the infamous Bonang Matheba quote that is also Matheba's pinned tweet in reference to her own situation and Matheba shut that down immediately. 

About a year ago, after  Nomuzi "Moozlie" Mabena with her supposedly staged car accident that had half of the country worried sick on the evening before.

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While some people were baffled at the idea that Moozlie's accident was a planned PR stunt, others are still trying to wrap their heads around that fake tears video Jackie Phamotse posted about the incident.

From the jump, no one bought into Jackie's crocodile tears performance, it was just not happening.

If anything, the only successful or hilarious thing that came out of her Oscar-worthy video was the #JackiePhamotseChallenge.

People were not impressed at all.

Ouch, her book was even dragged into this entire debacle.

As for that broomstick comment...

If you're wondering what the broom topic is about, here is where it all started:

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