Jackie Phamotse Also Got On Bonang's Bad Side

Yikes, you can't quote the Queen after coming for her mentor 

By  | Nov 13, 2020, 08:34 AM  | Jackie Phamotse  | Drama

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Controversial author, Jackie Phamotse has been accused of seeking attention with her antics on social media and boy is she getting it!

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About two years ago, after being dragged to court by Basetsana Kumalo, losing that case and facing another impending case from PR maven, Linda Moeketsi, comes the wrath of Bonang Matheba. 

Phamotse used the infamous Bonang Matheba quote that is also Matheba's pinned tweet in reference to her own situation and Matheba shut that down immediately. 

Many were confused by the tone of the tweet because she ended it off with a heart but her loyal fans were on-hand to decode the true meaning of a phrase that has become Matheba's go-to response for everything: 

So if that is the case,why is bonang putting a heart? Ya'll never cease to bring confusion on us.,,,or maybe am the one confused hear,.— mada masi (@madamasi1) 

It's coming from the heart 🤣🤣— Boipelo Moremi (@PelozaM) 

Maybe this will help the ones that are wondering pic.twitter.com/uXVJXzZ1q5— ✨Monarch👑 (@MaizuzuShabangu) 

To those who are lost, Jackie is the author who was taken to court by @basetsanakumalo for the rumours, so people started talking about her then now she's using Bonang's quote for the mess she created. Bassie is Bonang's mentor so I believe she isn't okay with what Jackie did.— IG: Vutivi_Mabasa (@Vutivi_M) 

What's wrong with you? The girl was simply quoting you. It's a compliment, @bonang_m— Shannon G Mumu™ (@MumuOffi) 

And there were still those who didn't understand. 

Woah! The #BForce are some serious savages! 

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