Jessica Nkosi Addresses The Lack Of 'Ukushela' In Men

Is chivalry truly dead?

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Jessica Nkosi  | Drama

To all the lazy men out there, Jessica Nkosi is so not impressed with your macking game!

In an interview with Move! Magazine, the Isibaya actress spoke extensively about the difficulties of navigating through the modern dating game. The 29 year old also expressed how most modern men have waned from fully carrying out the art of 'Ukushela' (courting).

Gone are the days of men putting in the necessary effort to charm the socks off their potential lover. Their lack of charm and chivalry is on all time low, which might be a big turn off to women who still value traditional methods of courting such your Jessica Nkosi's of this world.

The mother of one stated the following during an interview with Move Magazine:

"There’s a famous phrase on social media now, ‘Shoot your shot’. It means you have an opportunity to take your chance via social media and you might end up being in a relationship.''

'’It's really sad that in this day and age we have lost it. He wants to comment on two photos for some attention, then DM and after that, it’s on? No! Or him sending a text saying, ‘Hi’. Just ‘hi’? What must I do with your ‘hi’? Am I supposed to ask, ‘How are you?’ Are you kidding me?” she said. Speaking to Move magazine in an interview, Jessica said there should be physical efforts to show love rather than this social media thing of sending messages and pictures. “Respect me enough to make an effort. Send me flowers. Shock me. Surprise me.''

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