Joost van der Westhuizen: Reaction to court ruling

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Joost van der Westhuizen  | Drama

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We were wondering when Joost van der Westhuizen would release his public statement about the book, well wonder no more. 

Below is the official media release send by Joost's media representative, Odette Schwegler.

Mr Joost Van der Westhuizen, Amor Vittone and their families are disappointed by Judge Eberhard Bertelsmann’s ruling, but accept the decision.

Mr. Prins has admitted in court papers that there is nothing new in his book, ‘Amor and Joost – Agter Die Skrems’ and that its contents have already been in the public domain.

The fact then, that Mr. Prins and Random House Struik publishers have decided to write, publish and release this particular book at this particular time in Mr. Van der Westhuizen’s life, raises serious ethical questions.

With nothing new, other than Mr. Prins’ perspective on old news, the only significant impact the book is likely to have is on the Van der Westhuizens and Vittones  – opening old wounds for families who have put the past behind them.

Mr. Van der Westhuizen will continue to fight motor neuron disease, for which there is no known cure. He will continue to work to improve the lives of other MND sufferers. And he will continue to protect his family, most of all his children, as best he can.

Joost thanks his supporters, from friends and family to the South African public at large. Their messages of love and support are greatly valued.

For the record, neither Mr. Van der Westhuizen, nor Ms. Vittone have any financial interest in the sale of this book.

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