Kuli Roberts: Jub Jub Is Evil

The personality’s history is clearly always going to be topical

By  | Oct 12, 2020, 11:39 AM  | Jub Jub  | Drama

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Jub Jub has since fronting the popular Moja Love reality show, Uyajola 9/9 has being ingratiated back into the mainstream entertainment industry and now claims Sundays as Jub Jub Sundays. The proclamation is fitting considering that on that day he is scheduled to trend. 

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But it seems that the rapper turned beloved media personality cannot move too far away from his own sordid past, before being dragged back to the past to be reminded of the lives lost at having contributed to the untimely passing of four innocent lives. 

Lost? A quick recap: Over ten years ago there was a rapper with the hottest song out at the time called Jub Jub that had released the single, “Ndikhokhele.” The rapper was riding high and dating one of the most topical and celebrates vocalists, Kelly Khumalo, who to this day is still “The Voice Of Africa.” At what many believed was the peak of his career, Jub Jun was involved in car dragging race which tragically resulted in the tragic passing of four school children. When news broke it was discovered that Jub Jub was under the influence of narcotics and alcohol at the time. 

Jub Jub served his time, and came out of prison looking like he spent the time munching as he came out bigger than when he went in.  During the time of his release, a new channel on DSTV was garnering popularity for sharing, or some would say exploiting, black stories. Jub Jub was announced as the host of the spin-off of popular American reality show, “Cheaters.” To cut a long story short, that propelled him back to superstardom. 

But every now and then, there will be reminder that the same man that is celebrated by millions in South Africa is partly responsible for the passing of four innocent children. Moreover, despite that he served his prison sentence that the parents of the children still have to watch him every Sunday.  This exacerbated by the fact that even you do not watch the content he is part of, than what kind of Sunday do you have when that is all that is spoken about.
With that matter being highlighted on social media, there tweeps that came to Jub Jub’s defense by problematizing “cancel culture,” and reiterating that he has served his sentence. However, there are also those that question whether it is appropriate for the Jub Jub to be as celebrated and his history be as whitewashed as it is currently?

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