Uyajola 9/9 Invades Scandal!

Phindile just couldn't stay away from drama

By  | Aug 01, 2020, 02:30 PM  | Jub Jub  | Drama

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Scandal!'s latest storyline has seen the return of Phindile's ex-husband Bhekumuzi and whilst the good sis has been trying to resist his charm, he seemed to be winning her over.

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The character of Phindile is portrayed by Pretty Ncayisa after landing the highly coveted position of NFH receptionist has been followed by a wave of drama but Friday's episode showed the peak of the drama.

On Friday, Phindile's ex-husband's second wife Makhanyile popped out of nowhere and busts Phindile with her husband at the reception. Makhanyile did not come to NFH alone she bought an entire camera crew of Love and Lust with her.

Yes, it writers decided to add the spice of South Africa's version of cheaters, Uyajola 9/9 to the storyline.

The exposure of cheaters is one thing that gets everyone talking, it no wonders that Moja Love's number show is Uyajola 9/9.

Viewers witnessed the soapie's take on the popular show and whilst it left viewers in stitches with laughing, many wished that they had used Jub Jub instead of an actor, as that would have been the cherry on top of the spicy storyline.

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