Blondie: Uyajola 9/9 Paid Me R1000 To Be A Side Chick

Nontuthuko Gumede says she was paid to pretend to be a man's mistress

By  | Sep 17, 2020, 12:05 PM  | Jub Jub  | Drama

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It is not the first time Moja Love's Uyajola 9/9 has been accused of being fake and Nontuthuko Gumede has spilled the beans, claiming that she was paid R1000 to pretend to be a 'cheating' mans mistress.

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Nontuthuko told Isolezwe that she and her family are at loggerheads because she appeared on television dating a man who is in a committed relationship. She told the publication that she was misled into thinking it was all just an act. To her surprise, when the episode was shown she was angered at the fact that it was played out to be something of a reality.

She claims to have been approached by the producers who even told her what to say word-for-word and was then silenced with a R1000. In addition, she was instructed to de-activate her Facebook account so that her friends could not get a hold of her.

The episode was shot on August 30 and after it was played, meme's of Gumede started making rounds allover social media, with some nicknaming her Blondie. Denying that she was dating the man accused of cheating, she also alleges the couple that was 'feuding' on the show are actually in good terms and she knows them personally.

Revealing more about the show, Gumede said the crew members and Jub Jub commended her for the sterling performance, adding that they too were amazed at how real it looked.

"We shot the scenes at the man's home and his girlfriend does not suspect him of cheating. I was paid R1000 but the couple was paid R2000 so they could also act out the whole thing and not say a word to anybody.

"Even the condoms were placed by me because I was instructed by the producers to do anything I can to make the episode seem real. I continued acting the whole scene out because I was promised a large sum of money, little did I know, I was going to be given a mere R1000. As it is, my family and I do not get along as they do not believe me when I say I was just acting and I was paid," said Nontuthuko.

She added that she wants to compensated as she was misled and that she did not know that the whole scene was shot for Uyajola 9/9.
Nontuthuko Gumede AKA 'Blondie' Picture credit: Isolezwe

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