Judith Sephuma opens up about THAT fatal crash

The singer's life was changed after she knocked over and killed a pedestrian in 2013.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Judith Sephuma  | Drama

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Judith Sephuma opens up about THAT fatal crash

Judith Sephuma recently sat down with Pearl Modiadie on Zaziwa, where she spoke about her music, family, and that fatal crash that ended up killing a 91-year-old woman.

The award-winning singer said the accident happened so quickly. "It was like, even when they were measuring ama steps, it was like, I had stopped here, and five steps late she was there. But the fact that she was 91 years old didn't help at all, and she had had so many issues of blood pressure and stuff. 

"When it happened, it was like 'Oh my God, what happened? What is this. And I just started praying. I remember praying for her as she was lying there and I realised that people were standing around me, looking and saying 'ngu Judith Sephuma' and that's what broke me..." 

She said she ran to the nearest clinic to get help and was with the woman the whole time. Unfortunately, she didn't make it.  

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So, how did it affect her? 

"That whole entire process for me, you know, when it happens you make the decision how you want it to affect you. It's your decision, really. Some people can be broken by it, some people can actually get out of it, some people can, it can mean nothing to them - but for me, it meant so much to be because I realised ukuthi (that) nobody is perfect." 

She explained that it didn't have anything to do with who was right or wrong. "A life was lost." 

Judith said the woman's family was amazing. She said the family told her that the 91-year-old woman had said that she wasn't coming back that day. 

 "She said today 'I'm going, today angeke ngibuye (I'm not coming back). I'm going to my God today'. She had been saying apparently for a couple of days before the accident, and it had to happen that it had to be me who sent her off," Judith said.  

The musician said when something like this happens, you have to be strong in your faith. "You have to be so prayerful, you have to know your God, because if it wasn't for God, I would have been miserable." 

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