Julius Malema Dragged For Showing Favouritism Amidst Grammy Nominations News

Tweeps convinced Julius dislikes Trevor because of his political jokes.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Julius Malema  | Drama

It might be too early to say whether black twitter has cancelled Julius Malema or not, as many tweeps are leading others to believe they have done so.

It all started when he called South Africans who opposed the idea of Burna Boy setting foot in Mzansi, 'Bed wetting Boys'. For many it seemed clear where he stood regarding the Twar that broke between Burna Boy supporters and Mzansi.

Notorious for rubbing many people up the wrong way, his tweets - where he told Burna Boy that he is welcome in South Africa - angered the masses, including EFF supporters. He showed support to the Nigerian superstar who was set to headline the now cancelled Africans Unite concert.

Whilst tempers were high, he tweeted the following; throwing some insults in the mix,

Many South Africans took offence, leading to the politician topping the trends lists.

Fast forward to yesterday (when the Grammy nominations were revealed hours after it was announced that Burna has withdrawn from performing at the anti-xenophobia concert this month) tweeps noticed that Malema not only retweeted tweets congratulating Burna Boy on his nomination, but was completely blind to the fact that Trevor Noah was also nominated.

Many saw how he 'deliberately' ignored Trevor's nomination and only showed support to Burna; leaving users to believe that Malema still has some 'personal vendetta' against the comedian and The Daily Show host.

To refresh your memory, Trevor once made controversial jokes about Julius and his party during a segment at TDS and came under fire for them.

Many beg to differ as they believe that he just has some 'unresolved beef' with AKA.

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