Junior Refutes Ntando's Claims

The DJ is speaking out.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Junior De Rocka  | Drama

On last weeks episode of BET's Behind The Story with Pearl Thusi, Ntando Duma was the guest and she spilt a lot of tea. Earlier this year, the media personality went on a Twitter rant about Junior's alleged actions.

She began when she questioned why someone could be so invested in other people's lives, but not in their own flesh and blood.

She tweeted: "How does one have so much audacity to give back and invest so much to an entire community when they can't give back to their own children?"

And shortly after that, the stars argued back and forth with Ntando accusing him of allegedly abusing her.

It seems like the pair is not done fighting, before Ntando's interview aired, Junior took to Twitter to proclaim that everything Ntando would say is a lie.

“Before the airing of tonight’s Behind The Story I just thought I should also put this statement out. It’s sad that I have to air my private life once again,” he said.

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Main Image Credit: Instagram/@juniorderocka