Baby it's Bieber...In your living room?

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Justin Bieber  | Drama

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Sigh, we thought we had finally gotten rid of the Justin Bieber euphoria the moment he stepped onto his private jet and flew back home but alas, we were mistaken. 2oceansvibe has reported that teeny boppers and their moms can win “the opportunity to have Justin Biebers DNA” displayed in their homes! Seriously - what happened to normal furniture in your home?  Anyway, apparently Justin’s “beautifully” framed vest and drum sticks from his May concert in Cape Town is set to be auctioned online.

Both these items (which consist of Bieber’s actual DNA) have been framed for display, waiting to be collected by some love crazed teenager who will most probably hang the frame in the middle of her Justin Bieber shrine...Talk about creepy! 

The frame includes the following items:

  • The vest he wore on the night, showing his favourite Hanes branding
  • A printout of the website which confirms that this exact Hanes vest is the one that Justin wears all the time
  • The drum sticks Justin played with on the night
  • The working crew backstage pass which was used for access to this highly exclusive area backstage where the vest was received
  • A photo of Justin Bieber taken that night
  • A signed and police-stamped sworn affidavit, detailing how the vest was acquired

For all you Beliebers out there, good luck with getting a hold of this frame! 

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