Katlego Maboe Returns As Host For Tropica Island Of Treasure

A plot twist fans never saw coming

By  | Oct 11, 2022, 11:37 AM  | Katlego Maboe  | Drama

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Order is restored once again as Katlego Maboe returns to Tropic Island Of Treasure as a host. His career took a knock following damming sex allegations and infidelity rumors which tarnished his reputation. 

At the beginning of this year, his return was speculated by fans who flooded his social media with congratulatory messages. But it was later revealed during an event by Tropika that the previous winner, Anga Makubalo, AKA, Naak Musiq would be the host. 

But, in a report by IOL, it seems as though Katlego returns to host the second leg of the competition held in Seychelles. Fans can catch Maboe on Tropika Island of Treasure: All-Stars on October 15.

Maboe lost it all in a blink of an eye. After ex Monique Muller aired his dirty laundry to dry, he slowly lost all of his gigs. The Outsurance ads got pulled off air and Expresso fired him. 

He recently made his return on Expresso but the numbers are deemed dismal. 

According to Phil Mphela, people are not watching the show on S3, "Katlego Maboe trended for few days with his return to Expresso celebrated. The show pulled below 250k viewers peak and didn’t make SABC3 Top 20 in August. Even his exclusive return interview did not chart," tweeted the blogger. 

A lot of people said they never watched the show to begin with and were only up in arms in support of Katlego. 

On the first episode, Katlego gave an emotional interview about his the scandal ruined his life. 
“A lot has changed. I didn’t know what this would feel like, It felt good. It felt welcoming, like home. Just a home that you haven’t seen in a long time," he opened up.“No matter what has happened to me over the past couple of years, I never want to let go of this desire that I have, to be a force of positivity in people’s lives. There was a moment when I thought the darkest thoughts. I thought wouldn’t it be better if it was just done? Just quickly. Now. Done. My family wouldn’t have to worry about having to call me every day and deal with me”.
“There have been many touch-and-go moments where my self-identity was questioned, but I worked my way through it with support from friends and family and people who I met in person or on social media who have constantly told me to ‘Get up and start again’.”

His ex Monique Muller was not too happy about this so she took aim at the media but under the disguise that she was addressing Johnny Depp.

“It’s actually pathetic how facts don’t matter. The whole media thing is BS. I have a right to my opinion. I will not say ‘I told you so’. But I hope this opens up everyone’s eyes and minds to the fact that you do not know the full story. Just because you saw the manipulated version Johnny Depp’s team wanted you to see. Instead of spreading hate, put all that energy into fighting GBV. Something that actually involves and affects all of us as South Africans”.

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