Kefilwe Mabote Responds To Haters

She is speaking out

By  | Oct 08, 2020, 08:08 AM  | Drama

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Influencer Kefilwe Mabote has had a really bad week! Earlier this week her wealthy boyfriend Edwin Sodi was arrested on corruption charges. The Hawks seized over R300 million worth of possessions and over twenty-five luxury cars. 

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While she herself was not directly involved in her boyfriend's looting, fans feel like she benefitted from those funs by proxy of her being his girlfriend. This has resulted in her being villainized for it. Well the influencer took to her Instagram account to let the masses know she is still on top and nothing is going to get her down.

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"Le Pantsula lako Moletsane....Surely I have earned my stripes in using "Tjovitjo" the next time we see each other right? I hope le grand."

Some fans have rallied behind her.

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Main Picture Credit: Kefilwe Mabote Instagram Account
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