"They Must Not Stutter"- Annie Cannot Wait For The Reunion

RHOD star Annie Mthembu seemingly cannot wait to confront Nonku at the reunion

By  | Mar 29, 2023, 09:21 AM  | Drama

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The 9th episode of Real Housewives of Durban(RHOD) season three premiered on Wednesday and it has topped the Twitter trends list.

The dramatic episode was filled with a number of explosive moments. One particular one was Nonku defending her friend, Jojo Robinson from Sane's lies.

This comes after Sane accused Jojo of saying that Annie allegedly slept her way to the top. In a previous episode of the show, Sane dragged Annie's marriage to Kgolo "Da Guru" Mthembu for filth.

In her view, Annie "slept her way to the top," because she started out as her husband's PA before becoming a successful businesswoman.

“She’s supposed to look down on people, I mean she was just a lousy PA and then you sleep your way up there,” Sane said while sipping on champagne.

But Nonku was not having it. The two had a heated exhange at the dinner table. Nonku even dragged Annie on her diary session for seemingly believing Sane's version of events

"Annie can you be more patheric please, you know Annie doesn't know who she is. She is the type.. She's that woman that her man will pick up when she's drunk from a club."

She added "No man in their right mind would choose a woman like that," she said.
Nonku opened a can of worms wit her jaw-dropping statement because it seems as though Annie cannot wait to confront her. After watching the episode,  She said she was eagerly anticipating the reunion so she confront them about what they have been saying behind her back

So these huns can only say things behind your back, never to your face. I hope as reunion they can repeat to my face what they said about me chile. They must not stutter,"
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