"I’m Focusing On Being A Great Mom"

Kelly on mizing the negativity in her life

By  | Jul 21, 2022, 01:36 PM  | Kelly Khumalo  | Drama

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The latest season of Life With Kelly is not creating the buzz as intended, with few people talking about it on social media. The reality show rarely trends but Kelly and her family top the trends list because of the ongoing Senzo Meyiwa trial.

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On the latest episode of the show, Kelly is still on the train of talking about Senzo Meyiwa. Viewers feel as though that is the whole premise of the show, to talk about Senzo Meyiwa, especially now when the entire country is seeking answers and justice for the slain goalie.

Kelly was engaging with journalists who pressed for an answer regarding Senzo Meyiwa and how she dealt with the entire incident which happened in her home.

“Senzo was my boyfriend, whom I loved dearly and he is a father to my daughter. And it is very much unfortunate that he left us the way that he did,” said Kelly.

But she gave a cheeky response to the journalist and asked them to ask those people who are talking on social media, not her.

“I would rather have you ask those people than me. Because I’m not the one who is speaking. I am focusing on my dreams, I’m focusing on being a great mom and being a business woman.”

Still at the press conference, Kelly Khumalo was asked by another journalist if she thinks she is a good mother, seeing how Christian Khumalo, her son was trending for the wrong reasons on Twitter. 

“I’m not going to glorify that with an answer because I trust myself as a mom. I trust myself as an individual and I trust my choices. Whatever they see and feel, that’s their business. They should not make it mine,” Kelly responded.

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Still on the episode, Kelly speaks about the relationship with her sister Zandie Khumalo.

Her mother Ntombi Khumalo organised a meeting with both of them and Kelly hopes Zandie would even pitch. However, she did say Zandie hurt her dearly. 

“All my sister has to do is bring herself. And also ask her how she feels about having a therapist because I feel a therapist should be there.”

“If my sister had issues with me. I would have preferred her to communicate those issues with me. Nothing has ever hurt me as much as my sister,” she said about the whole divorcing incident many years ago. “That was a low blow,” she added. 

On the previous episode, Kelly spoke with her mother Ntombi on how they lost out on so many years from each other's lives and she wishes to patch things up. 

“I’m at a point where I’m tired of being mad. It doesn’t serve me anymore and I think we should find an amicable way of dealing with each other. The biggest issue is I felt my mother wasn’t doing her part,” said Kelly.

“We haven’t had serious conversations, but we speak regularly. I feel like I’ve lost so much time, especially where my godson is concerned,” she added.

Kelly then opens up about how she found out her sister was pregnant, “So I heard through the grapevine that my sister was pregnant. I haven’t met my godson but damn, I love that boy,” she declared.

“I lost three years of my relationship with my sister, I lost seven months of my relationship with my godson. I’m fighting for this to be done properly. So, that it never happens again.”

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