Kelly Takes Offense To People Comparing Her Son To Jub Jub

”Don’t you dare! Please respect my son!”

By  | Jul 11, 2022, 10:56 PM  | Kelly Khumalo  | Drama

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Kelly Khumalo has had about enough of people shoving Jub Jub down her throat! The reality star clapped back hard at her followers who told her to forgive Jub Jub or even compared their son Christian Khumalo to the Uyajola 9/9 presenter.

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For the longest time, Kelly Khumalo and Jub Jub have been at loggerheads over their son Christian. Things escalated over the years and their battle has been made public through her reality show Life With Kelly.

Just recently, she gushed over her boy on Instagram and was met with sweet messages from people saying she is a good mother as she is raising him well. But she also had her fair share of negative comments and she did not hesitate to clap back.

Kelly took her time clapping back at negative comments from people. One comment reads, “It takes a man & a woman to make a child.”

Kelly gave a subtle yet savage response, “It took ME to raise him so take your analogy and shove it up your a**!”

Another follower said, “Like father, like son,” To which Kelly responded by saying, ”Don’t you dare!”

When messages from people saying she should forgive Jub Jub came flooding, she simply reduced him to a 'sperm donor', “For now, he’s just a sperm donor! Please respect my son! He did 13 years ago, however, a human's body renews every seven-years so there no trace of that misfortune in my system but the blessing that is my son. No sense of responsibility makes you a useless object”

In her reality show, Kelly did not bite her tongue when she called Jub Jub out yet again for being an apparent absent father. 

Firstly she was angered by a Mother's Day post by him and so she paid it no attention. It read, “Despite our differences I would like to wish the woman who carried and brought my son into this world a Happy Mother’s Day.”

Instead of acknowledging it or even reacting Kelly said, “Christian’s father who has done me so dirty, God has blessed me to not even bump into him. Everyone is wishing every mother in the world and then boom! Christian’s father.”

“I know a man who wants a relationship with his child when I see one. I will never stand in the way of that. However, don’t disrespect me,” she continued.

She even spoke about her baby daddies and compared them, “As far as my first born is concerned, I am willing to go to court with Molemo. That’s proving to me that he wants to be a father, that’s proving to me that he wants to be with his son and I haven’t seen that,” she said.

When it came to Senzo, she said he was a great father, “I am not going to sit here and take away the beauty of Senzo as a father. I cannot, irrespective of how the world sees him, I don’t care. This is a man who wants to be present please compare notes.”

“So, irrespective of what the world thinks of Senzo, he was a good father – to all his babies… his daughters. From Namhla to Thando to Thingo, he was a great father. He might have had his shortcomings but Senzo was a great father.”

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