Kelly Khumalo puts fan on blast

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Kelly Khumalo  | Drama

Kelly Khumalo loves her latest ink so much that she decided to share it with her fans on social media. We thank technology for always keeping us in touch with our favourite stars. 

The singer got a wing inked on her left arm to complete her angel wings - she already had one on her right arm.

She gladly posted the picture on Instagram, with the caption: "Finally got my second wing and now I'm ready to fly." 

Although the majority of her fans love the new ink, some aren't really feeling it. One of her followers reminded her that "tattooing is connected to the marine spirits". 

Does Kelly care about those marine spirits? Nope. The singer made it clear that she did not ask for the "blessed" follower's opinion. Uhm, Kelly does have a point, though... 

In another comment, the singer also told the follower: "Wesfebe (whore), yehlisa i panty (pull down your panty) you'll see the devil."

Sjoe! We bet the fan didn't anticipate that response?! We were also not ready for it.

In another post, Kelly shared a picture of herself with her sister, showing off their new tattoos. 

The snap was captioned: "Mawuzazi ukuthi awuphethe izikhiye zezulu (if you know that you don't hold the keys to heaven) SHUT THE F*** UP!"

We don't see anyone holding the keys to heaven, so... 

Image credit: Instagram