NPA Reportedly Considering Prosecuting Accused In Second Docket

In the second docket the Khumalo's are allegedly listed as suspects

By  | Aug 31, 2022, 04:06 PM  | Kelly Khumalo  | Drama

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After the Senzo Meyiwa trial is completed, the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) will allegedly consider prosecuting the accused in the second docket. This is according to Eyewitness News, which revealed that the second docket was first ignored because it apparently had no merit to it because it was compiled by a junior advocate.

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"The Gauteng division has been given a mandate to decide on the second docket. It is now being transferred from the Gauteng local division," a NPA spokesperson Lumka Mahanjana, said as quoted by the publication.

During the Senzo Meyiwa murder trial, Advocate Zandile Mshololo, made mention of the second docket which was apparently opened in 2019 by the NPA. The docket names Kelly Khumalo, Zandile Khumalo, Longwe Twala, Gladness Khumalo, Tumelo Madlala, Mthokozisi Thwala and Maggy Phiri as suspects in the case and also accuses them of defeating the ends of justice.

“I cannot make submissions until I talk to the author of this document,” she said a the time. “The state must give us reasons for the decision that has been taken, whether it's been a misjoinder or maybe we are supposed to be having 10 accused here, the other accused should have been joined here or they should not be joined — we don't know...As a result, I am asking that this matter be adjourned and the remaining period of this session,” she added.

The court heard that Maggy Phiri allegedly cleaned the crime scene after the goalie was shot.

But the NPA said the second docket had no merit, “The alleged documents did not have any status, as such was an internal opinion from a junior state advocate which was without merit,” the letter read out in court reads.

Another advocate representing the accused men in the murder trial, Advocate Malesela Teffo, alleged that there was an eyewitness who would have testified that Kelly was the one who mistakenly shot Senzi Meyiwa,“I put it to you that … an eyewitness will testify that Senzo Robert Meyiwa was allegedly shot by Nonhlanhla Kelly Khumalo by mistake as it is alleged” he claimed.

"The same eyewitness will further testify that the firearm used to shoot Senzo Robert Meyiwa by Kelly Khumalo came with Longwe Twala, and that firearm was a revolver."

In her reality show, Kelly Khumalo reacted to this and said she was disturbed. 

“This is very disturbing. Extremely disturbing. There’s so many scenarios that South Africa has had. How desperate can one be to try and put me in jail for something that I did not do? My thing is that, that Advocate is desperate for attention.”

“And he knows that every time he mentions my name, he trends. Every time he gets up ‘my lord, Kelly Khumalo’. Argue. Make your submissions. We are here to find out the truth about what happened to my daughter’s father,” said an emotional Kelly.

She then added, “It went from Longwe and Zandie fighting into me … buying people. Me paying for people that I met at the mall. Now, she pulled the trigger.”

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