Zandi And Kelly Khumalo Divorce Not A Publicity Stunt

This after she deleted the statement.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:49 PM  | Kelly Khumalo  | Drama

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Zandile Khumalo caused a social media storm when she issued out a suggestive statement claiming to divorce her sister.

In the statement many layers of their relationship as sisters unraveled many 'secrets' including how much she will be paid for her appearances in Kelly Khumalo's upcoming reality show. Other allegations made was Zandie going to jail, being questioned by the police and having to take a lie detector test because of her sister. Another jaw dropper was abuse allegations she endured from Kelly.

The nature of the statement was intriguing enough and some saw it as a missed opportunity to divulge many more secrets. Especially because of her words "If I started telling you other issues your jaws will drop."

As fascinated as many were, people could not help but think it was a publicity stunt. Especially after Zandie deleted her statement from social media.

She told TshisaLive: “My statement was not a publicity stunt. Why would I go to social media and do that?” she said.

There were many people who suggested that both sisters were promoting their music and this buzz could work in their favor. After all, Zandie will be releasing a new song Akwanele on February 14.

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