Muzi Zuma Comes For Khanyi Mbau's Blood

He did not mince his words to tell Mbau what time it was

By  | Jan 14, 2023, 12:26 PM  | Khanyi Mbau  | Drama

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Actress and media personality Khanyi Mbau is under fire following her statement she made about people faking being Sangoma's. Although it is still unclear who Mbau was subbing, but tweeps are more convinced that it was Phelo Bala.

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Social media was sent into a frenzy following Phelo Bala posted his picture on Instagram as a Sangoma. Immediately tweeps were reminded of Khanyi Mbau's Instagram subs where she was calling out people who poses as Sangoma's when they are actually not.

Things have rather gone pear shape as MojaLove presenter Muzi Zuma who is also a Sangoma is coming for Khanyi Mbau's blood. Evidently, Mbau's shade ruffled many feathers hence the outraged Zuma is lambasting Khanyi Mbau for being a 'fake white person'.

"UBIZO & Depression/Anxiety are VERY Different! One you can’t heal Depression with vitamins, there’s proper medication for it. Two you can’t evade a spiritual calling with Glutathione or other bleaching mechanisms! Vele Ngeke usazi isintu usawumlungu In your head!" wrote Muzi Zuma
Zuma had all the time in the world as he proceeded to urge Mbau to stick to her skin dysmorphia. Instead she should give tips about bling and leaving men in Dubai

"Know the categories of influence that align with your brand and stick to them. Stick to skin dysmorphia and the risks of treating this, give people tips on Bling & Leaving men in Dubai and leave izinto ezithinta imisamu kuthina." added Muzi Zuma
"There are so many people with Church apparel, baningi abavathile kodwa niyathula lapho ngoba kukhonzwa iBhuku lesilungu, but niPhawula kuze kuphakame ushukela neBP over black people returning to their roots and aligning themselves Spiritually???" added Muzi Zuma
Muzi also shared that being a Sangoma is really not a walk in the park. As there are many sacrifices one makes to connect with the ancestors. Zuma mentioned how one can fall into depression during the course of accepting their calling.

"Akumnandi ukuba iSangoma, o kumnandi ukuxhumana neDlozi. There’s a lot you have to sacrifice, in fact being a Gobela can increase one’s depression or anxiety. It’s hard enough as it is, ukuthi anazi. Mase kubakhona Nina enisithuka nsuku zonke ngokuthi saVuma UBIZO LWETHU?!" ended Muzi Zuma
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