Khaya Dladla Opens About A Painful Experience His Family Has Had To Endure

His mother has lost her speech and mobility

By  | Mar 16, 2022, 06:52 PM  | Khaya Dladla  | Drama

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TV actor Khaya Dladla has taken to social media to open up about his mother's health battle and how fake people around him have shown him their true colors since she suffered a stroke.

Khaya is one of the country's most celebrated TV stars and he has mastered keeping his personal life private. In a touching post he shared a video of his mother trying to walk after suffering from a stroke.

Khaya penned a lengthy post about how the harrowing experience has affected their family. Khaya admitted that he is no one to share much about his personal life but he also wanted to assure his fans that whatever predicament they may be facing it shall pass. He said following the passing of his father who died when he was in varsity he was left with his mom.

The actor went on to open up about how his mom suffered a stroke last year following the passing of his uncle. He said she lost her speech and mobility.

"A lot of people don’t know much about my personal life… I lost my dad doing my final year in varsity and I was left with just this woman who gave me life. Last year this time I lost my uncle and on the same day my mom was attacked by a stroke that took her speech away and mobility (couldn’t talk or walk) and I was willing to do and pay any amount to see her regain her normal life again.

That’s when my real family and friends showed who they were because people will never care for you or your loved ones more than you…. I was left with about 5 people in my life who would ask how she is doing? What does she need? How can they help."

He said people around him kept on asking for assistance from him and he would sacrifice his own needs to assist them.

"God has been amazing with blessing me with my sister @khanyidladla and a brother Mfundo who have been there throughout our journey of helping this amazing woman gain her strength back. Not forgetting her full time Nurse Bonny Mweni and all the therapist who have played a vital role today for my queen to walk and talk again…. We still have a long way to go but it’s only the moving forward I’m interested in. God bless your hearts and hands for what you have done for my queen and one day I will be able to thank all of you properly.

He went on to thank every client he is able to invoice their payment contributes towards the well-being of his mother. He even shared some words of encouragement with people who are going through the predicaments he's facing.

"To every client I am able to invoice… you also played an vital role and investing in what I do because that also financially helped the journey…. So don’t stop as you are part of the bigger picture… Ngiyabonga To you going through the same thing or any other difficulties in life… remember that god is there and this too shall pass. Just wanted to leave this here as it might help someone else not to give up or just appreciate the people who are your constant crutch when walking any journey becomes too much," he says.
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