5 Times Kuli Roberts Amazed Us

Gone but never forgotten

By  | Feb 10, 2022, 09:10 PM  | Kuli Roberts  | Drama

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The Lord gave and the Lord has taken. As Mzansi mourns the sudden passing of actress, TV and radio personality Nomakuli 'Kuli' Roberts. Kuli was a vivacious, free-spirited, flamboyant and charismatic individual who exuded life into every space stepped in. She is reported to have passed away last night and she abruptly fell, leading to her demise.

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Kuli passed away at the age of 39-years-old and she played a very remarkable role in activism for a number of courses, including the fight against albinism and homophobia. She was loved and adored by many as both fellow celebrities and Mzansi at large are mourning her untimely passing across all social media. But who can forget the bubbly, energetic and presence Kuli brought with her into every space she ever stepped in. And bringing smiles to ordinary Mzansi  with her jokes through their television screens.

During her interview on Podcast and Chill with MacG, when askeed how she would like to be remembered. Kuli poured her heart and bared her soul on how much she cared about other people and not just herself. She would be remembered for speaking her mind and being the voice for the voiceless.
Recently Kuli responded to a tweet where she posted a picture of her in herself in a car with a weave on and at the same breath without it, showing off her beautifully structured bald head. She captioned the picture "I couldn't anymore" referring to the heat. She was coined a queen on the tweet because only her could only do that and post it on social media. She was free-spirited and carefree in the world where other fellow celebrities are always calculated and prim and proper on social media.
Who can forget the time she was a guest on the SABC3 Afternoon Express with Jeanie D and Bonnie Mbuli. Kubi was as charismatic, funny and witty as always. She was rapping in a video skit when she called herself Kuli Chana after rapper Khuli Chana. These are the moment she shared in many stages with many people in Mzansi.
Her continuous activism and involvement in the fight against albinism was the one for the books.  Kuli stood her ground on what she believed what right and gave her time to fulfilling her duties where her course was concerned. She even updated her Twitter name as "Stop Albinism Killings", a true queen that many adored and loved.

Kuli's latest post had Twitter bumping heads, with speculations that perhaps Kuli was fortunate enough to realize her last moment. In the post, she captioned her pictures with "Offff we go" which sent the Twitter streets off the cliff because it is suspected that she knew her final moment.

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